How “Save The Eel” helps spread awareness to the population​

Video games can be about more than just entertainment. They can be made to help educate and inform its players, bringing to light real-world issues that occur these days. We at DAE Studios brought Slappy Inc. together with Pieterjan Verhelst (UGent) and Arnaud Zonderman (Scriptie vzw) to create one such game for the Flemish Science Day: Save The Eel. While on the surface it may seem […]

Belgium delivers top game developers, and investors are getting interested!

The Big Score Sessions

We were very proud to see MoonMonster Studios, one of our start-ups at DAE Studios, featured in a recent article of Gilles Vancoillie, co-founder of MoonMonster Studios, together with Vincent Vanderbeck from Hangar K highlight the problem game developers still face in Belgium: funding through investors. Digital Arts & Entertainment is known globally to […]

We welcome two new friends at our office

New Residents Hangar K DAE Studios

DAE Studios’ office at Hangar K got a wonderful upgrade thanks to the massive and beautiful mascots our friend Stefan Colins provided. Welcome Jak, Daxter and Lone Wanderer! Think of developing some games this summer? Let us know! We can offer you some temporary working space in Hangar K. Working in an existing community of […]

Salty Lemon is developing EXR: a VR rowing simulator

Exr Banner DAE Studios website Salty Lemon Virtual Reality

Salty Lemon Entertainment’s currently developing a virtual rowing simulator that makes indoor rowing sessions fun. With the help of Sport Vlaanderen and the Flemish Rowing League (Vlaamse Roeiliga), Salty Lemon aims to create the ‘Zwift’ of rowing in order to add an interactive layer to an otherwise rather analogue work out. Make Training Fun​ Discover […]

VLAIO & DAE Studios: official accelerator program


As of January 2020, DAE Studios has been submitted in VLAIO’s database as the first Flemish game technology accelerator. VLAIO, Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is a governmental organisation of the Flemish government for all entrepreneurs in Flanders. Their mission is to stimulate and support innovation and entrepeneurship and to contribute to a favourable business-climate […]

DAE Studios is proud to welcome its new startup: MoonMonster Studios

MoonMonster Studios is a new game development company with a focus on creating the next level of interactive games.  It’s founded by Digital Arts & Entertainment alumni Gilles Vancoillie and Seppe Roelandt – both graduated the Independent Game Production program in june 2019. During their internship earlier this year, Gilles and Seppe signed up for […]

Help Cybernetic Walrus grow by investing via Win Winner!

Cybernetic Walrus has big plans. Not only is there a new game coming, we also recently became the first and only Unity Authorized Training Partner in Belgium. Next to that and with success we are offering our services to enterprise and industry companies in Belgium and abroad. This means we want to recruit a sales […]