CrazyGames is a growing web games platform bringing free games to over 19-million monthly users. Their mission is to deliver an instant gaming experience that rivals other platforms, all from within the web browser. CrazyGames offers consistent support to help game developers hone their craft and deliver a fun experience for gamers on the web. They offer an integrated, easy-to-use SDK package for eligible developers that provides a revenue uplift. New games get at least 24 hours of homepage exposure on release, and an ongoing revenue share agreement. CrazyGames has come a long way since its inception in 2013, and continues to evolve with the rapidly changing browser gaming market.

DAE Studios and its 2-Games-a-Month program

DAE Studios’ main focus is to incubate and accelerate future entrepreneurs in the gaming industry. 2-Games-a-Month is the go-to incubation program in Belgium. A meeting place for developers with a love for the indie game development scene. By following this program, participants are coached in the art of fast game prototyping because being able to validate a game concept in an early phase is a vital skill for future entrepreneurs. On top of that, participants learn the ins and outs of the game industry by listening to experts, learning how to make a communication plan and writing a subsidy application.

Participants who finish the program and want to start their own company can then apply for the accelerator program where 1-on-1 coaching will make sure they get the kickstart they need. DAE Studios is the path to: expertise, financial resources, network and talent.

The collaboration

For the last sprint of this year’s 2-Games-a-Month, DAE Studios and CrazyGames join forces. The participants are getting the chance to create a small and casual webgame for the portal while keeping sure some requirements are met: replayability, quick sessions and fun to play! At the end of the sprint, the teams with games that show potentials will be supported in bringing their game to the platform. It’s a great way as a studio to gain experience in go-to-market and get traction.

Are you in?

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