Recently, the participants concluded their third Game Sprint and it has been quite the ride for them! The theme this time around was “existing stories” – they had to research a variety of stories; from fairy tales to deep-diving into the myths of the ancient eras. The results were extraordinary but have a look at the summaries down below. For a full report from the teams, you can go to our Medium article.

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Daemonium Porcus

Daemonium Porcus is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where two Greek slaves try to get a relic from the center of a maze guarded by a gruesome monster which is controlled by a third player.


A tower defense game in a Nordic mythological setting where the player must protect their village from the frost giants and earn God Favor. They can enlist the aid of the gods by building their statues along the road.


Waxarus is a Metroidvania inspired 2D platformer in which you play as a child called Waxarus who has wings of wax. Progress through the levels to reach the highest point in the tower of Babel and make your way to godhood.

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart is a Running Game that mixes the “cute” aspect with speedrun gameplay. Based on “The Snow Queen” you must save your friend Kai and dodge both obstacles and enemies on your path.