We’re incredibly proud to announce our partnership with the new startup Slappy Inc., winners of the 2019 Epic MegaJam VR Category and 2020 Unreal Spring Jam.

Following their wins, the team at Slappy Inc. decided to make their dream a reality and transition into a proper startup so they can focus on the development of Slappy Board, one of their games that won at the 2019 Epic MegaJam. With funding from the VAF secured in December nothing stands in their way to success!

Slappy Inc

Slappy Inc. has participated in three game jams over the past two years and each submission can be found on itch.io. Here’s what they made so far:

Slappy Board – Winner of the VR Category ‘Is this real life?’ at the 2019 Epic MegaJam

Go in the board meeting of Slappy Inc. where you’re giving a presentation about the new Slappy Stick! But there is one person trying to disturb the meeting by spreading malicious intent to the other employees. 

Give your presentation, find the instigator, and bring him down to earth.

Check it out at itch.io.

Aztlan Uncovered – First place at the 2020 Unreal Spring Jam

Atzlan uncovered is a third person adventure / puzzle / exploration game featuring a young explorer setting out to uncover the secrets that lay hidden in the tropical oasis.

Use your equipment and your wit to reveal the past and enter the temple to find out what is causing this place to be finally revealed to the world for what was once lost in the snow, has come forth in the thaw. 

Check it out at itch.io.

SneaKEY Mummy – Entry at the 2020 Epic MegaJam

It’s been a long time but due to an unknown event, you woke up from a long slumber inside a sarcophagus at a museum. 

Your mummy friend is still sleeping next to you.

Search the museum for keys, dodge guards and solve puzzles to free your friend from his coffin so you can spend the rest of eternity together. 

Check it out at itch.io.