DAE Studios partnered up with Fluvius to create a VR educational experience around public street lightning and photometry for their employees.

With the support of VLAIO, DAE Studios and MoonMonster Studios created a VR application for Fluvius Academy that visually explained important definitions relevant to public lighting/street lighting. The collaboration resulted in an accessible, educational, and immersive experience that trained both students interested in photometry and employees at Fluvius. For veteran employees, the application could be used to refresh their knowledge on the subject.

The original goal to visualize abstract matter in an accessible and interactive way was a great success. The application consists of two main components:

  • A theoretical component with a focus on definitions within photometry such as luminous flux, brightness, luminance, the distribution curve, etcetera…
  •  A practical component with a focus on running you through exercises where the application of the definitions learned is key.
We have a video that details the project for those curious