The “Two Games a Month” Program, made possible thanks to our premium partners Colruyt Group and Nationale Loterij, has been well underway for three weeks now. The participants have been busy working on some great concepts and we can finally share some of the things they’ve been working on with the rest of the world!

More importantly, however, today marks the day we’re opening our Discord server to those who want to help contribute to the program. You can help provide feedback, support your favorite “team” and hang out with all those involved. Sounds fun, right?

The first week’s game sprint had the themes “Covid-19” and “Multiplayer” where they had to create a game that in 10 years’ time could explain the impact the pandemic had on our daily lives. Here’s what the various teams came up with:

Past Curfew

Your friend is feeling down because of the pandemic. You must sneak past the Police Patrols enforcing lockdown in order to hang out with them. They can help you out by surveilling the area with a small drone to find the optimal route to get there as fast and as safely as possible without getting caught red-handed.

Minute Market

Fast-paced FFA party game where 2–4 people compete to be the first to gather as much on their grocery list as possible. The store is a vertical shelf that players must navigate by floating in a bubble, avoiding sharp saw blades. Once the items are gathered, they can be delivered to the cash register. Players can also dash into each other to make others drop their items. If a player’s bubble is popped due to the sawblades, they must wash their hands to regain the ability to create a bubble.


Overworked is a house defense game where you have to defend the scientists; aka yourself; by barricading all the entrances you extend your own survival to cure the rioters outside before they break in and destroy the last means to synthesize a cure.

Speed Market

Speed Market is a 2 versus 2 team-based multiplayer game. The theme of our game is going grocery shopping in corona times. The goal of the game is to collect all your shopping list items and return them to the checkout before the other team or the global timer. Be aware of the limited supplies of some items. Both teams need one item that’s the same, but there is only one available. A team consists of a map player and a runner. The map player knows where all the items are and where everybody is. He must guide the runner through the maze-like store to collect all the items. The runner can only move with the shopping cart, but he is also the only one that knows what they need to collect. Meaning that communication is key in our game.