The last three weeks have been done a little differently than before! For the first week, the participants had an “inspiration week” where they could focus their time on learning new things about development (or the industry). They also were told to come up with a concept for the fourth game sprint – one awesome game mechanic.

In the end, four options were picked out and the teams were divided accordingly. The results? For a quick summary, you can find them here, if you want the detailed report then head on over to our Medium article.

As usual, you can also find us in our very own Discord server if you want the opportunity to get first looks at what the teams are cooking up!

Scribbles of Madness

Scribbles of Madness is a 3D-Isometric-Combat-Platformer where one of the only platforms is the player character’s box cutter. Use your box cutter both as a weapon and means of travel to traverse the mind of a mad writer.


Garrett is a 3-dimensional puzzle game set in a cube-themed world.

After going to the store to get party supplies, Garrett notices the world is completely scrambled. In order to get home, he needs your help. Rotate the world and create a path so Garrett can safely return home!


Circuitry is a serious game meant for people who want to learn to make electric circuits remotely. The player must construct an electrical circuit by following the base schematic given by the game.

Sol Gravitas

A fun, casual racing game where the tracks (and cars) defy the laws of gravity. With multiple options to choose from you can sway the race in your favor.