DAE Studios is evolving

DAE Studios was founded on September 2, 2014, driven by the need to support the lacking gaming ecosystem in Belgium. With hundreds of students graduating from Digital Arts and Entertainment, there was a pressing need to ensure these students could stay in Belgium and build their futures locally.

DAE Studios initially focused on creating both commercial and applied games, always pushing the boundaries of what was possible. After six years, a new concept, now known as Play It, was developed, leading to the creation of a new entity. As Play It grew, the founders of DAE Studios dedicated themselves to the project full-time. Today, Play It is a well-known international player in the gaming industry.

At that point, while the applied gaming market was expanding, it was evident that commercial games were still lagging behind. In response, DAE Studios evolved into an incubator and early investor, fostering the next generation of indie game companies. For four years, DAE Studios remained committed to this direction, helping numerous studios professionalize and establish their businesses.

The times are changing

The times are changing, and there is more support than ever with VAF, Flega, the Limburg Game Guild and the Flanders Game Hub.
And while DAE Studios was incubating the studios, the situation to keep doing this was not always ideal. DAE Studios continued to build applications and games for serious purposes, leveraging our extensive knowledge and providing young start ups with the cash flow they need during their long development cycles, while also providing valuable business insights to these young studios. 

However, the constant split between being an incubator and running projects led to some challenges. At the end of 2023, Wannes Vanspranghe took the helm and investigated what DAE Studios needed to not just survive, but grow and create value. 

As of June 2024, we have split DAE Studios into two entities: 

1. DAE Studios will now focus solely on applied and serious games, helping the market harness this amazing technology. 

2. The Indie Brewery, a boutique consultancy firm, will focus on helping gaming companies professionalize and thrive. 

What can DAE Studios do for you?

EXR salty lemon virtual indoor simulator

DAE Studios helps you come up with the best way forward for you application using game technology. If you are looking for any of the following, we got your back: 

– I want to explain a difficult problem in an accessible and fun way 
– My content needs to be more exciting and show in an interactive way. 
– We are in need of interactive applications but have no clear strategy inhouse. 
– I’m looking for an interactive game in AR/VR/MR 

Typically our solutions fit in the following industries: 

– Training- applications  
– Showrooms and interactive museums
– Visualisation of products and places 
– Games that want to bring forth a certain feeling/message 

But it can go way beyond this. Using Game technology, the sky is no longer the limit!

Want more info?

Pitch your problem and get insights into the possible solutions from the DAE Studios team. 

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