Crazygames and DAE Studios join forces to create fun webgames

CrazyGames CrazyGames is a growing web games platform bringing free games to over 19-million monthly users. Their mission is to deliver an instant gaming experience that rivals other platforms, all from within the web browser. CrazyGames offers consistent support to help game developers hone their craft and deliver a fun experience for gamers on the […]

DAE Studios collaborates with Fluvius on VR Training

Virtual Reality Fluvius DAE Studios

DAE Studios partnered up with Fluvius to create a VR educational experience around public street lightning and photometry for their employees. With the support of VLAIO, DAE Studios and MoonMonster Studios created a VR application for Fluvius Academy that visually explained important definitions relevant to public lighting/street lighting. The collaboration resulted in an accessible, educational, […]

MoonMonster Studios secures 35,000 in funding!

In April this year, MoonMonster Studios, founded by Gilles Vancoillie and Seppe Roelandt, secured 35,000 euros from the VAF for the preproduction of their upcoming VR game “Space Control”! This received the attention of two chairmen of the two Belgian liberal parties Open VLD and MR. As part of their visit to Kortrijk, Egbert Lachaert […]

Game Sprint 4 – 1 game mechanic

The last three weeks have been done a little differently than before! For the first week, the participants had an “inspiration week” where they could focus their time on learning new things about development (or the industry). They also were told to come up with a concept for the fourth game sprint – one awesome […]

Game Sprint 3 – Existing Stories

Game Sprint 3

Recently, the participants concluded their third Game Sprint and it has been quite the ride for them! The theme this time around was “existing stories” – they had to research a variety of stories; from fairy tales to deep-diving into the myths of the ancient eras. The results were extraordinary but have a look at […]

Game Sprint 2 – Zen Mobile Game

Game Sprint 2

Last week the second Game Sprint of the 2 Games a Month program concluded and presentations of the games were given to those in the Discord. It was an interesting 2 weeks filled with trials and tribulations with unfamiliar themes to most: zen and mobile.    Down below you can find the various trailers and […]

We welcome Slappy Inc. to the DAE Studios Network

Slappy Inc

We’re incredibly proud to announce our partnership with the new startup Slappy Inc., winners of the 2019 Epic MegaJam VR Category and 2020 Unreal Spring Jam. Following their wins, the team at Slappy Inc. decided to make their dream a reality and transition into a proper startup so they can focus on the development of Slappy […]

DAE Studios welcomes the Observers to the 2 Games a Month Program!

The “Two Games a Month” Program, made possible thanks to our premium partners Colruyt Group and Nationale Loterij, has been well underway for three weeks now. The participants have been busy working on some great concepts and we can finally share some of the things they’ve been working on with the rest of the world! More importantly, however, today marks […]

How “Save The Eel” helps spread awareness to the population​

Video games can be about more than just entertainment. They can be made to help educate and inform its players, bringing to light real-world issues that occur these days. We at DAE Studios brought Slappy Inc. together with Pieterjan Verhelst (UGent) and Arnaud Zonderman (Scriptie vzw) to create one such game for the Flemish Science Day: Save The Eel. While on the surface it may seem […]

Belgium delivers top game developers, and investors are getting interested!

The Big Score Sessions

We were very proud to see MoonMonster Studios, one of our start-ups at DAE Studios, featured in a recent article of Gilles Vancoillie, co-founder of MoonMonster Studios, together with Vincent Vanderbeck from Hangar K highlight the problem game developers still face in Belgium: funding through investors. Digital Arts & Entertainment is known globally to […]