Last week the second Game Sprint of the 2 Games a Month program concluded and presentations of the games were given to those in the Discord. It was an interesting 2 weeks filled with trials and tribulations with unfamiliar themes to most: zen and mobile. 


Down below you can find the various trailers and summaries of the games themselves. 

Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand is a relatively simple physics-based mobile game made with the idea of creating a zen atmosphere in mind.

In ‘Line in the Sand’ you have to control various contraptions to roll a ball through each zen garden level. When you complete a level, the zen garden gets restored with a satisfying line pattern.

Sea of Dreams

Sea of Dreams is a zen mobile game that focuses on exploring and capturing nice photos of newly discovered islands and sea life by following the compass on your screen.

Pixie Harp

The game is set in an enchanting forest, far away in a fantasy reality. Purrince Fluffybottom  wishes to travel through the forest but is unable to because of the twilight night. Despite being a fairy, his dainty, tiny wings are too weak to carry his fluffy body; hence he needs our aid.

Terra River

Terra River is a mobile game where you need to clean up a polluted river to restore the natural aspects of the environment. This can be done by either manually cleaning up the river or using certain structures to improve the efficiency or build up the funds to clean up more easily.


If you’re interested in knowing more about the second Game Sprint and what the teams have learned, then you can read all about it in our Medium article.