Game Sprint 2 – Zen Mobile Game

Game Sprint 2

Last week the second Game Sprint of the 2 Games a Month program concluded and presentations of the games were given to those in the Discord. It was an interesting 2 weeks filled with trials and tribulations with unfamiliar themes to most: zen and mobile.    Down below you can find the various trailers and […]

EXR Ambassador launch – Indoor rowing simulator

EXR salty lemon virtual indoor simulator

EXR is the game that makes indoor rowing fun! The application, which syncs with physical indoor rowing devices, offers beautiful environment, real-time feedback, detailed reports, competition modes and minigames.  Awaiting its official release in Q1 2021, EXR developer Salty Lemon Entertainment has launched an EXR Ambassador status for early birds. This formula includes instant access […]

Rhinox Training

The future for education and practical training lies in immersive technologies. Within a research project, DAE Research worked closely with Cronos and companies within the Flemish manufacturing industry to define and shape the added value of these applications. What followed was a valorization process via DAE Studios where these research results were then translated into a business model, which led to the creation of a spin-off company specializing in virtual reality training: Rhinox Training.

Play It Safe

What once started as a concept for an ESF research project, is now a successful serious gaming company called Play it Safe (PITS), an award-winning DAE Studios spin off. PITS develops interactive instruction games for all types of companies through which employees learn the correct fire prevention, first aid and/or overall safety instructions. Play it […]


By entering the DAE Studios accelerator program, the team of Cybernetic Walrus got of to a flying start by setting up a start up company with their game ‘Antigraviator’, which they prototyped during their third year Digital Arts & Entertainment Group Projects course. Throughout this intensive learning process, Cybernetic Walrus was offered help with the […]