What once started as a concept for an ESF research project, is now a successful serious gaming company called Play it Safe (PITS), an award-winning DAE Studios spin off. PITS develops interactive instruction games for all types of companies through which employees learn the correct fire prevention, first aid and/or overall safety instructions.

Play it Safe – Game based learning platform for safety and prevention

Play it Safe is an online solution that is easy to plan and available 24/7. No need to organize classical training sessions with the hassle of getting all people together at the same time at the same place. Your employees can train when they have time, regardless of location; whether on the train or at the office. Traditional training methods and e learning do not have a high return. People appear to know less after training sessions than before.

As PHD studies prove: our game based solution offers superior knowledge transfer because we transcend passive knowledge transfer and evolve to active and integrated learning. Our advanced insights dashboard offers insight in the knowledge of your employees. We offer you control over the knowledge of a specific employee which courses he followed and what his results were. We also allow you to gain insight at a macro level; you can for instance discover that all male employees between 30 and 35 don’t have a proper understanding of how a fire extinguisher works. This allows you to spend your training budget in a targeted manner.

Using our solution, the cost of learning and development are drastically reduced. Our simple seat based license gives an employee access to our platform and content at a small yearly cost. Expensive course materials, travel and accommodation are truly a thing of the past!