The future for education and practical training lies in immersive technologies. Within a research project, DAE Research worked closely with Cronos and companies within the Flemish manufacturing industry to define and shape the added value of these applications. What followed was a valorization process via DAE Studios where these research results were then translated into a business model, which led to the creation of a spin-off company specializing in virtual reality training: Rhinox Training.

Rhinox – The XR training company

Rhinox is all about creating virtual trainings. Operators in an assembly line are faced with a fast changing set of instructions. At Rhinox we use VR to train those operators. We provide all kinds of tools as in real-life training: drills, screwdrivers and much more. The starting point for these trainings are existing CAD models. Rhinox imports these and generates the virtual training.

We already successfully tested this setup with several customers with outstanding results around efficiency and effectiveness. The flexible training models in a virtual training can not only help to improve safety but also increase the efficiency of the operator.

Rhinox uses Game Technology to create a virtual experience and thanks to the bridge between CAD and Game technology, this solution is the ideal first step in a digital twin strategy. From there on, these assets can be used in HR, Sales, After sales & remote support.