What we do

 DAE Studios is a Belgium-based spin off from the Howest University of Applied Sciences initiated by the program Digital Arts & Entertainment. We see IP valorization as a serious business and aim to create a local game tech ecosystem by investing in young creative top talent

We support
the local game
technology ecosystem

We support
business innovation
through game technology


Accelerator program for game tech starters

IP Valorisation is the core objective of DAE Studios NV. We help students with a great business idea for an entertainment or applied game set up a start up company thanks to our accelerator program. In this phase, students can invoke our extensive network, office space, intensive entrepreneurial trajectory and expertise regarding subsidy applications. We have partnered with Flanders DC, Think with People, FLEGA and Voka to offer starters the insights, expertise and kick-start they need. We accelerate your concept from idea until start up… and beyond...

Our offer for starters
  • Intensive business coaching trajectory
  • Desks & Coffee: seating at Hangar K co-creation hub during start up phase
  • Extensive network of Digital Arts & Entertainment teachers, students & mentors
  • Multiple pitching platforms & audiences
Hangar K

Booster program for
game tech entrepreneurs

Recent developments make Kortrijk the place to be for game technology valorization. Kortrijk is: Design region, UNESCO creative city, new research base for Flanders Make, leader of industry 4.0 in Belgium, Hangar K co-creation space AND the best educational program in game design & development worldwide according to The Rookies. Anticipating even more opportunities, we want to counter the brain drain of many talents and offer these profiles the opportunity to develop their own success story in Flanders. Within this eco system and in the young and dynamic co-creation hub of Hangar K, we support our start ups to boost their business.

Our offer for entrepreneurs
  • Priviliged partner in DAE Studios’ innovation network (B2B assignments, work-for-hire)
  • Desks & Coffee: seating at Hangar K co-creation hub for 12 months
  • Access to funding network
  • Support in writing subsidy applications
  • Start up network
  • Participation at relevant events (Gamescom, 1-up,..)


Game tech innovation
try-out program

Do you face challenges within your company for which game technology might offer a solution, but lack the required expertise in-house? In cooperation with the best educational program on game development worldwide - Digital Arts & Entertainment - we can set up an innovation track in close collaboration with your company in which we test this technology on your case. If research is needed, we can rely on the expertise of DAE-Research. When this case proves to be successful, it can lead to the creation of a start-up company which can develop these innovative applications within a viable business model. Inspiration - realization - valorization

Our offer for businesses
  • Five-month innovation track programme
  • DAE interns working on your innovative game tech case
  • Seating in Hangar K for your colleagues
  • A finished demonstrator at the end of the track
  • In close collaboration with DAE-Research, we tackle every technical hurdle
  • We appoint a fulfillment partner if updates or extensions are required afterwards
Agency Cases

Innovation agent for the game tech eco system

Applied games, virtual and augmented reality hold no secrets for us. We are the perfect partner for all questions regarding the implementation of game technology within your company and/or domain. In a first exploratory, non-committal, meeting we can map the concise case and check its technical feasibility. If desired, existing subsidy calls will be advised through which your case can be submitted. Once the case has been mapped, we look for the perfect fulfillment partner within our network who can make a fair price estimate and develop the application.

Our offer for businesses
  • We examine your case and define a solution using game tech
  • We’ll scout for corresponding subsidy applications
  • We search and put you in contact with the right fullfilment partner
  • We’ll make sure the price quote is in line with your expectations

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Success stories

Play It Safe Visual
What once started as a concept for an ESF research project, is now a successful serious gaming company called Play it Safe (PITS), an award-winning DAE Studios spin off. PITS develops interactive instruction games for…
Rhinox XR Training company
The future for education and practical training lies in immersive technologies. Within a research project, DAE Research worked closely with Cronos and companies within the Flemish manufacturing industry to define and shape the added value…
By entering the DAE Studios accelerator program, the team of Cybernetic Walrus got of to a flying start by setting up a start up company with their game ‘Antigraviator’, which they prototyped during their third…


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