What we do

As a spin off from the howest division Digital Arts & Entertainment we see IP valorization as a serious business. Our team of researchers and students create great stuff where we help to find its way to the market


An accelerator program for game tech

DAE Studios is the accelerator program created by DAE (howest) and supports young game entrepreneurs realize their dream. The accelerator program is focused on game technology in the most broad term. Ranging from entertainment games, to Serious games but also bringing VR and AR solutions to different industries


All-round support for game entrepreneurs

Do you have a fantastic business idea and you want to develop your own startup based on game technology ? DAE Studios can accelerate your Game tech startup with our team of experts and business programs


Innovation in your company through game tech

As a Game Tech powerhouse we are well suited to help you stimulate innovation in your company. Ideation session, moonshot thinking, technology exploration, …. We can help with fueling innovation within your organisation


Partner organisations