In the first sprint of Two Games a Month 2023, the participants were challenged to make a game in less than two weeks centered around one awesome game mechanic. The 16 participants were divided into groups of four.
Making a game in two weeks isn’t that easy, therefore the teams had to follow a strict schedule and work in the most efficient way. After two weeks of brainstorming, programming, polishing, … we proudly announce the results of their hard work.

Business Massacre

This one’s for interns who’re bored at work. In this 2D game you play as an intern who experienced the evil side of your company. The goal is simple: kill your superiors.    The game is a mixture of action and puzzle. Your goal is to kill all superiors within the level. To do so you will have to find the perfect flow through the level to prevent dying. Dying is part of learning. Don’t worry, the levels reload very quickly so you’re back in the action in no time. Its unique pixel-themed office environment sets a mysterious vibe. You can run through different rooms picking up objects to throw at your bosses. Or take a gun. A fun way to express frustration. Play through seven handcrafted levels and reach the end level. Who knows what’s waiting there?   Made with love by: Reinard, Valère, Jenna and Florian. Shoot your shot & try Business Massacre on Itch  

Assassin Manager

We’re in a global crisis. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, there’s always the option to… hire hitmen and assassinate high-valued targets?   Here’s Bread Blood Butter! A hilarious management assassin game to try out. Receive tasks, choose skilled hitmen, assassinate targets, and earn money in this management, point and click game set in a not-so-realistic world full of hilarious characters. The creative developers are Youri, Carolina, Jorrit and Senne. Try it out on Itch  

Kick’n Hell 

You are a master of martial arts and fell into hell during one of your training sessions.   Your only way out? Kick your way up to the surface. It’s not as easy as it seems. In order to survive you’ll have to find creative ways only using the environment to battle demonic creatures. So don’t chicken out if you see a skeleton running towards you while you’re searching for lucky cookies.  Kick’n Hell is a challenging precision platformer that will summon your inner demon.    Casper, Jochen, Yerlin, Simon
teamed up to achieve this awesome result. K'(cl)ick here to try on Itch.  


We all know orangutans love bananas. In this game YOU are a clumsy orang-utan trying to find your banana.    Orangutangled is your new favorite jungle-themed platforming game in which you have to parkour your way through the jungle. It’s a wacky physics-based game with intentionally awkward controls. So be prepared for some seriously hilarious moments as you try swinging lians. Your goal is to destroy your friend’s score and be the best orangutan.   The team consisted of Sander, Joren, Gertjan  C’mon show us your craziest moves! Click here to be a clumsy orangutan.  

2 Games a Month

These awesome games were the result of four teams in the first sprint of 2 Games a Month (2GAM)  2023. 2 Games a Month is a yearly indie development program for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a dynamic meeting ground for complementary profiles in which the focus is developing cool games with market potential.