Are you looking to play fun games on Crazy Games? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the fantastic results of our participants in the second sprint of the 2 Games a Month program.
DAE Studios and CrazyGames teamed up for the second time (and for the second game sprint) during 2 Games a Month in 2023. The 16 participants were given the task of developing a web game that:
  • is enjoyable to play
  • has a strong gameplay loop with lots of replayability
  • is appealing to a younger audience
  Easier said than done. Making a game in two weeks is hard! Therefore the four teams had to follow a strict schedule and work most efficiently to complete challenges. After two weeks of brainstorming, illustrating, programming, and polishing, … we proudly announce the results of their hard work.

Space Swarm

In the vast expanse of space, a lone spaceship traveled through the endless void. You, the last spaceship, must fight against other aliens and survive the attacks. Space Swarm is a challenging arcade game that tests your skills. You’re the last space station against the ruthless alien invasion. Upgrade your defenses and compete with the enemy’s strength. Can you protect the station and save humanity? The spaceship builders are: Yerlin, Simon, Senne & Reinard Will you help this spaceship? How long can you survive… Click here to try it out!

Burger Clicker

Who doesn’t want a big, bigger, or the biggest burger to bite in? Burger Clicker is a fun clicker game where you start with a basic bun and work your way up to creating the biggest and most unique (crazy) burger ever seen! With each upgrade, you’ll earn more coins to unlock special toppings for your bun. You can add some cool-looking accessories to create the biggest and coolest burger junk food restaurants have ever seen. Ready to combine some crazy ingredients? Try it out on Crazy Games, and let’s see if you’ll get your burger to the space level. Can you beat Yvette, Joren, Jenna & Sander?

Mountain Defender

  Ow no! Vicious monsters from hell are on their way to attack your Crystal at the top of Mount Olympus. You have to protect it at all costs! Mountain Defender is a tower defense game that will test your hand speed skills. With godlike powers at your disposal, you can take them down individually. Click or throw the enemies in the air or bully the entities by freezing them and using meteors or earthquakes. The team consisted of: Jochen, Jorrit, Valère & Carolina I promise you; it’s fun!


As an archeologist, you may discover some weird things… Clixcavate is a clicker game where you aim to dig up historical artifacts and earn gold nuggets. Your main goal is to find the final artifact. You’ll have to click and break the correct squares and find hidden objects to reach your goal. Use miners and dynamite to assist you in your digging journey. The most famous archeologists are Youri, Gertjan, Florian & Casper. Are you able to find it? Get ready to get your hands dirty!

Are you a developer?

Are you a developer or a game studio? Do you have games or game prototypes, and would you like to reach a large audience? Don’t click away just yet! CrazyGames is actively looking for quality content. If you submit your game or game prototype through CrazyGames (if you pass the quality assurance check), you will be featured on the front page for some time. As such, you’re guaranteed to receive players! Amazing, right? On top of that, CrazyGames is known for its great advertisement selection and revenue sharing. Receive payment while gathering feedback for your game! If this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to contact CrazyGames   Curious for the aftermovie?