Partnership with ForsVC - The first Belgian game investment fund

Investors play a critical role in the success of game developers and game studios by providing the necessary funding, expertise, networking opportunities, and credibility needed to bring game ideas to fruition. A good investor helps mitigate risks and lets developers bring their games to market to reach a wide(r) audience.
We, as a game accelerator, are always looking for ways to accelerate the growth of game studios. 
ForsVC helps game developers to build the future faster by allowing them to focus on what they are good at making games! 
That’s why we are very excited to announce that we have partnered with the biggest game venture capital fund in Belgium. ForsVC deeply understands the industry and has a keen eye on the local game industry. They are the first Belgian video game investment fund in which Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment, The Cronos Group, and BNP Paribas Fortis join forces.   ForsVC combines its expertise, network, and resources which helps game developers and game studios to build a future in which they can focus on what they do best… making awesome games. ForsVC is an excellent intermediary between investors and developers in the emerging Belgium game industry. They connect dreams with achievements and opportunities with success. In conclusion, ForsVC is an excellent choice for game developers & studios who are looking for support and funding. With its deep understanding of the industry and commitment to long-term success, ForsVC is a trusted partner for developers and studios looking to succeed in the competitive gaming world. Are you a game developer looking for funding to bring your project to life? Don’t hesitate any longer and apply now!

How to reach them?

Click here to go to ForsVC’s website & browse your way to success!  Stay connected with them on LinkedIn!