Partnership with Carlier Law BV - your legal hero

When it comes to legal matters, we always advise our studios to “lawyer up”. However, there aren’t many (good) Belgian lawyers with expertise in the game industry.   Therefore, we are very happy to announce that we partnered with Françoise Carlier from Carlier Law BV. She is an expert in intellectual property and contracting, with a particular focus on the legal aspects of new technologies. Lucky for us video games are a part of this! 
Carlier Law specializes in the audio-visual, gaming, live entertainment, design, and music industries. She helps start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, authors, and artists with legal matters related to their creative and artistic ventures. This includes drafting and negotiating contracts. Françoise has hands-on experience in negotiating publishing agreements and other game financing tools in the gaming industry, and she is knowledgeable about the Belgian tax shelter regime for audio-visual works.    Due to her experience as Senior Legal Counsel for Studio 100 for 11 years, where she managed intellectual property and compliance and provided support for international expansion, Carlier adds remarkable value to her clients. Françoise has also obtained training certificates in Director and Board Effectiveness to deepen her practical experience with good governance aspects of companies’ board rooms.  With her superpowers, she’s your legal hero! Françoise Carlier van Carlier Law BV
Conflict-averse, result-driven, and with a focus on transparent communication! 
She is more than happy to share her areas of expertise with non-legal audiences and constantly strives to share complex legal concepts in clear language. Carlier Law BV is a very talented financial partner in the international gaming scene. Click here to learn more about what value Carlier Law could add to your organization and become unstoppable.  

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