2022 summary DAE Studios


2022 was one hell of a ride for DAE Studios. What an amazing year for us. We welcomed new colleagues, signed new studios, hosted several events, and more. Thanks for being part of our community and joining us at our events. We look forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for us!

Our team grew! 

We had to pleasure of welcoming Jill, Vic, and Sam to help DAE Studios in its mission to kickstart profitable, self-sustaining game studios. Interested to know more about us and our experiences? Read the article! (from left to right: Sam, Jill & Michiel)

DAE Studios team

We participated in 2 new studios

We had the privilege to welcome two very promising game studios to our network: Godspear Games, led by Oscar Tullekens, and Anaxanthia led by Arne Vandamme. Both are currently developing their first titles: 

  • Textbound Tales – Godspear Games

  • Conduit Station – Anaxanthia

> Discover all companies in our accelerator!

A new and better program

We used the summer of 2022 to optimize how we can help start game studios. Our new program consists of 3 phases: Discovery, incubation, and acceleration. Learn all about it!


DAES program

A year full of community events

Over the year, we hosted several expert talks and workshops on all topics related to game development, such as project management, networking, pitching to publishers, etc. Our goal for 2023 is to expand our topic list and share even more knowledge!

DAE Studios community events

Our talk at the Unwrap Festival about starting your own game studio was a big success!

Jill and Sam had the pleasure of giving a talk about starting a game studio during the Unwrap entertainment festival. The room had 30 spots, but it was packed floor to ceiling! We loved the cozy vibe, but oh man, it was really hot with all those people! We look forward to giving more expert talks in 2023!

DAE Studios at Unwrap festival

2 Games a Month – 2022 edition

The second of edition of 2 Games a Month was once again a great success. In collaboration with The National Lottery, CrazyGames and Elaut Amusement our teams created some great games. On top of that, the 2022 edition resulted in 3 new game studios, an amazing outcome! Learn more about 2 Games a Month. 

The Indie Brewery – A community Discord for game devs

We created The Indie Brewery, an initiative to stimulate knowledge sharing. 

We strongly believe in the value of sharing stories

The Indie Brewery is Discord for (young) game developers meant to share knowledge and experiences, find teammates, showcase development projects, and overall have a great time with like-minded people. We strongly believe in the value of sharing stories. Join us!

The indie brewery


[14th – 16th February 2023]

In collaboration with Howest DAE, DAE Studios is proud to announce the “Unwrap Game Jam” – The first physical Belgian game jam on a scale that has not been seen before!

For the first time in Belgian game development history, we’ll host a physical game jam in which every Belgian game developer can participate, whether they are a student, hobbyist, or studio.

More info to be announced soon! Fill in the form or join The Indie Brewery Discord to stay up-to-date.

Unwrap Game Jam

Final words

The DAE Studios team wishes you all happy holidays! Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to seeing what 2023 will have in store for us. See you next year!