Being part of the DAE Studios community offers lots of perks. We strive to make all studios succeed in accordance with their own mission and vision via coaching, funding and ecosystem opportunities. Below are the studios we have invested in so far. They are currently in, or already graduated from, our accelerator program. Have a scroll and find out all about the stories behind the studios by visiting their website. 

We create innovative, immersive games

Anaxanthia was founded by Arne Vandamme, a successful entrepreneur with a passion for games. Anaxanthia is an indie studio crafting boutique strategy games.
Godspear Games

We strive to create memorable experiences

Godspear Games is a one-man-studio founded by Oscar Tullekens. The studio strives to create memorable experiences for players looking for their next adventure! Godspear Games is currently developing its debut title Textbound Tales. 

Slappy Inc.

We love creating fun games

After a couple of years of working in the same company, Slappy Inc. decided to shape its own path after winning a few Epic Game jams. They are currently working on their 2 ambitious games, Slappy Board and Maze’Em.

MoonMonster Studios

We love making fun(ny) experiences

As a game development studio, we love to make games that have a touch of absurdity and are truly fun to play. We are big fans of adult-oriented cartoon shows and aim to recreate those experiences in our games.

We offer solutions for your training, simulation and visualization needs.

Through our passion for game technology and other emerging technologies, we want to¬†fulfill and innovate the current industry’s needs for training, simulation, and visualization.

Play It!

We are the #1 game based learning platform

Learning games take corporate training to a higher level. The Play It Platform uses simulations for the knowledge and skills of your team. So that you enjoy maximum efficiency and motivation.