As a spin off from the howest division Digital Arts & Entertainment we see IP valorization as a serious business. Our team of researchers and students create great stuff where we help to find its way to the market.


Our Mission

Our mission is composed of three important pillars :

Part one of our mission is to support entrepreneurial talent in the development of their own start-up based on game technology. With our broad network of coaches we can support young entrepreneurial talent coming from Howest DAE. Whether it’s applied gaming or entertainment gaming we can help young talent in growing from an idea to a sustainable business.

Our second pillar is bringing together the local make industry and Howest DAE. With the importance of industry 4.0 in the make industry comes a growing importance of game technology. When applying the creativity and enthusiasm of the DAE students with the engineering skills of the industry we create a chemistry that generates a whole set of new ideas and innovations.

And last but not least we see it as our mission to fuel the gaming industry in Flanders. Our active participation in FLEGA, our large network in the gaming industry worldwide and our everlasting ambition to be the best makes DAE Studio’s the driving force of a new wave in the Flemish gaming industry.