In collaboration with Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment, DAE Studios is proud to announce the “Unwrap Game Jam” – The first physical Belgian game jam on a scale that has not been seen before! Every student, alumni, hobbyist, or studio can participate! 72 hours filled with creativity. Save the date: from the 14th-16th of February, you can participate in the first edition of the Unwrap Game Jam! 

The game jam was originally organized by Howest DAE during the creaweek. A week that focused on exploring the creativity of people in various domains. One of the activities was a game jam. DAE Studios offered its support to bring the game jam to the next level and open it up to everyone in Belgium. 

Join the first major physical Belgian game jam

The game jam provides a great opportunity for developers to experiment with new ideas, meet other developers, and challenge themselves to create a game in a short amount of time. It is also a great way for developers to showcase their skills and get feedback on their work. The upcoming game jam is sure to be a fun and exciting event for all the participants and spectators.

Come and join us! 

The Unwrap game jam is open to all Belgian game developers! 

  • Do you like making games?
  • Do you like a challenge?
  • Do you like being creative?
  • Do you like to be surrounded by like-minded people?
  • Do you like to win cool stuff? 
  • Do you like to party? 


Then come and join us. Sign up on (more info on that page)! 


A physical game jam at a unique location

We are so excited that we can host a physical event after so many months of lockdowns and virtual events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be wonderful to interact with people in person again and experience the energy and excitement of a live event. The Unwrap game jam will be held in “The Square”, one of Howest’s campuses. We expect over 200+ participants! 

Howest pioniert met aankoop voormalig Devlonics-gebouw om er bedrijven en  studenten te laten samenwerken | Howest

Did we mention that free pizza will be provided during the game jam? Another reason to participate, who doesn’t love free pizza? 

A glorious showcase moment

On Thursday 16th, at 3 pm, we’ll wrap up with a grand showcase moment! Each team will receive the opportunity to present its game to a jury of renowned Belgian industry professionals. You will receive points from each jury member and, as such, could be elected as a winner by the jury. 

Next to a jury, your team could also win the community prize! Your games will be live on to play. May the odds be forever in your favor. 

Eager to participate? 

Sign up on and join The Indie Brewery Discord to stay up to date. See you there!