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Boost your player experience with proper localization and LQA!

Uh…Wat? Language Quality Assurance (LQA) can help enhance the player experience by ensuring that the game is easy to understand and navigate. If players encounter linguistic errors or inconsistencies, it can detract from the immersive experience of the game.

Would you like to optimize your game experience and LQA? Don’t worry, we got you! We are partnering up with the expert, Gameeleon.  

Gameeleon is an experienced organization in linguistics that provides colorful translations, localization and Language Quality Assurance (LQA) services for game and app developers. They have a technical knowledge of the gaming and app world while keeping expectations and restrictions in mind.  

With a focus on core European, Asian, and North & South American languages and their keen eye for detail, they easily spot localization issues and deliver a high-quality service. All Gameeleons are qualified and accomplished and will give your game and/or multimedia project the creative twist unique to its genre.  

Gameeleon is experienced in the following:  

  • Console game localizations 
  • Texts, subtitles, scripts, images 
  • Multimedia and/or casual games localizations (Browser/PC/iOS & Android)  
  • PC games localizations (Browser/Client)  
  • Children & educational game localizations 
  • Android & iOS apps 
  • VR project localization  


With who did they work?

Gameeleon has worked with some great names in the game industry. Here are some of their past projects.

Blazing Sails is a Belgium game and is a pirate battle royale on land and sea for those tired of parachuting down to the map! It is a thrilling PvP game where you have to explore, find resources and destroy other ships…


The video game series based on one of the best RPG and fantasy world ever created! In Warhammer you have to fight creepy monsters. The game is localized for the Benelux market.


Insurgency Sandstorm is intense co-op and PvP multiplayer modes. Where you’ll feel every bullet and fear as your team fights toward victory. The game is a world famous tactical FPS, localized for the Benelux market.



Contact them

Find out just how easy it is to communicate with our Gameeleons.  You’ll be amazed by their outstanding service and paramount standards. 

Watch Gemeeleons game-based interactive website and find out more about them.   

We can’t wait to welcome you here at their world of experience! 


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