The third edition of 2 Games a Month will start in February 2023. We noticed many people are interested but can not take time off to join us for 17 weeks.
So that’s why you can now join us for four weeks. Four intense weeks in which we work on one awesome game.

For whom?

Are you passionate about the creation of video games? Do you dream of having your indie game studio or joining one someday? Whether you are a game designer, game developer, programmer, artist, marketer, producer, or a mixture, you are welcome. 

You don’t need a team. Making new teams and working together with new people makes you grow as a professional and as a person. 

2 Games a Month - Overview short program

The program 

Each team will start from scratch, brainstorming about a new game idea. But this program is more than a very long game jam. We aim to make you experience as many aspects of making your own game as possible. 

From day one, we validate our idea. Is there market potential? Do gamers like the idea? Is the scope feasible? 

The first two weeks are like the other game sprints of the 2 Games a Month program, where we end with a prototype. 

In the third week, we polish the game and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

The fourth week is all about marketing. We make a strategy, a trailer, a Steam page, and an investor pitch. 

The mentors

You are not on your own in this endeavor. During the entire program, the team of DAE Studios is there to guide you and give you feedback.
ill is a game designer and knows all the secrets of getting user feedback.
Sam is an expert in game marketing and will make your game stand out. 

They are joined by the startups in our ecosystem, who are always close and will join us for the feedback sessions. 

Convinced, or do you still have questions? Don’t hesitate to book a meeting with Michiel.