Godspear Games is one of one of the latest additions to DAE Studios’ network. The goal of this article is to give you a clear overview about Godspear Games in only 10 questions in this back-and-forth interview. Ready, set, go! 

Who is behind Godspear Games?

Me, also known as Oscar Tulkens.

When did you found Godspear Games?

A little more than a year ago on 20 September 2021.

Why have you founded your company?

I have two focus areas: 

  • B2B: bringing games for campaigns to the next level. It seems to me that the marketing industry loves to stick with video, audio and paper as their preferred media even though nowadays they could totally make the jump to interactive media without much of a hassle.
  • Entertainment games: I love making video games with simple yet deep mechanics and seeing how I could twist one mechanic in as many ways as possible to keep the game interesting. Textbound Tales is a great example of this.

How many people work at your company?

1 (it’s just me, myself, and I) + I make use of freelancers whenever I need them.

What is your job function?

As a solo developer, I take care of a lot of things but mostly development (a bit of everything) + freelancers for whatever I might need for a certain project.

Which games are you currently working on?

Textbound Tales: a hand-drawn open-world text-based roleplaying adventure (available to wishlist!).

Mix-Mage: a mobile mixing game where you combine ingredients to get wacky results (coming soon!).


What is Textbound Tales about?

A group of misfits accidentally becomes a group of mercenaries and end up in all sorts of wacky situations. Textbound Tales is a text-based roleplaying adventure for up to 4 people where every decision influences the world around you. Explore a hand-drawn open world full of things to do. Complete quests, fight, craft, trade goods, decorate your home, and develop your character. Make your own story!

Where can I read more about it?

You can check out the Steam page by clicking this link! 

What are your plans for the near future?

I will soon release an open-world update for Textbound Tales. After that, I want to take a short amount of time to finish and release Mix-Mage and then go back to Textbound Tales.

Where do you want to be in 3, 5, and 10 years?

In 3 years time, I would like to have Textbound Tales released on popular stores and have shifted most of my focus to marketing games and mobile games. Next to this, I want to focus on making youtube content to build an audience.

In 5 years time, I hope to have multiple hyper-casual mobile games released on popular storefronts and have multiple larger projects for marketing campaigns in development. I also want to be working with 1 / 2 people full-time.

In 10 years time, I want to have established Godspear Games as THE studio to go to for custom-made marketing games while still releasing small mobile entertainment games regularly. I also hope to have expanded the studio to have 5-10 employees.

Why DAE Studios?

For my specific situation DAE studios has helped a lot with countering the weaknesses of being a solo-developer. It has often felt like I can easily get advice, expertise and help about subjects I don’t know enough about. When it comes to the technical side of game development, being part of the DAE eco-system makes it very easy to find someone from another studio who can help me with any issue I run into.

Any last words?

Make sure to follow my game development journey on YouTube!