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Are you passionate about the creation of video games? Do you dream of having your indie game studio or joining one someday? Do you have eyes, ears, and a learning mindset? Then you’ve come to the right address! DAE Studios is looking for videogame enthusiasts to join 2 Games a Month.

Whether you are a game designer, game developer, programmer, artist, marketer, producer, or a mixture, you are welcome to this fantastic program!

2 Games a Month acts as a safe environment for entrepreneurship and a meeting ground to find people with complementary skill sets. 

Our unique program offers the opportunity to understand what it’s like to run a game studio and how to identify, develop and validate games with market potential. And maybe, in the end, you have found your team and want to start your indie studio. But no obligations whatsoever. Worst case scenario, you have added a bunch of projects to your portfolio.

We welcome final-year students (from all Belgian schools), new game studios, alums, and hobbyists. 


One game every two weeks

During this program, you do not work on one game but develop six different games, one every two weeks. Each fortnight, you work in a new team, create a new concept and test a new prototype. The goal is to learn while doing, improving with every sprint. 

We will alternate between entertainment sprints, where you work on your idea, and applied sprints, where you work for a client. 

2 Games a Month - Overview program

The program

Each sprint starts with brainstorming. Once the team has an idea, they do market research. Does this game have market potential? 

The next step is to work out the idea. Write a high-concept document, determine the prototype’s scope, and plan the next two weeks. 

During the following days, the prototype is developed. The first playtest concludes the first week. Each team iterates on its prototype in the second week, ending each sprint with a presentation for the entire group and external people.

You’re not on your own. Our team of mentors guides you through the process, giving you feedback with every step. 

Look at (or play) the games we created during the previous editions at itch.io 


Different sizes

The program runs 6 game sprints, but you choose the time you want to join.  
You can go for the entire course and join us for 17 weeks
Or you will join us for the program’s nine-week second half. You work on one applied game and two entertainment games. 

But what if you don’t have that time to invest? Then we offer the opportunity to join us for only the last four weeks. During this period, we work on one entertainment game. We start with brainstorming and end with marketing our prototype. It’s a four-week dive into what it is to make a game. 

Choose the duration that fits your schedule and apply! If these dates don’t match your schedule, reach out, and let’s talk! 


What’s next?

The 2022 edition resulted in three new startups, founded by participants of 2 Games a Month! A warm welcome to Anaxanthia (Arne Vandamme & Dries Martens), Crazy Duck (Thorvald Mortelé & Kobe De Backer), and Boxsun (Dimitri De Sutter, Larissa Vervaeke & Jade Sabbe).

Are you curious about which projects the teams developed during the 2022 edition? Please take a look at our after-movie.

Are you curious about what DAE Studios is doing and could offer you? Look at our site and don’t hesitate to book a meeting with Michiel.

2 Games a Month - Overview program