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An 18 week indie game dev program

Making it big in the game tech industry, entertainment or applied, is a challenge. There are many hurdles to overcome as a young developer with limited experience:

  • Running through a full game production cycle without losing months worth of resources
  • Researching commercially viable game concepts
  • Finding the right funding and support for your games
  • Project & team management in a commercial setting
  • Building a community and learning how to develop a game with your end user in mind
  • Creating the right business model
Often the problem is in the mindset of the ambitious game developers: ‘This is my way too big dream project, I shall develop it right away and make a fortune’. Having never run through the full game production cycle – from ideation to release – starting such a project will most probably end up in a failure, or worse: a financial hangover for the developers.

Program features

What do you get out of the 2 Games a Month program?

Work in Hangar K: the co-creation hub that houses 7 game development studios. The place where students, startups and industries meet.

Learn from experts during biweekly presentations and Q&A sessions. Here business specialists share their stories.

Pimp your portfolio with the awesome results of the 8 game projects. Enrich your CV with the experiences from taking different roles in the teams.

Each game project you will learn new skills: ideation techniques, user testing, pricing models, pitching, project management, …

Had fun with the 2 Games a Month program and want to continue your journey? We’ll help you take your first steps into indie startup life!



Jens De Wachter
Jens De WachterIndependent Game Producer
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There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching a concept evolve into something with potential. I noticed this when we were making our game 'Garrett', which eventually got ported over to mobile, a change I would've never come up with myself. It really shows you how valuable the input of other people is when it comes to game design.
Oscar Tulkens
Oscar TulkensCEO Godspear Games
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I thought that the Two Games a Month program was an interesting concept since I love to work on prototypes. You learn best by doing things which is what makes this program so good. I only took part in one game sprint, but it's made me want to do it again! Maybe next year.
Milan Vanalderwerelt
Milan VanalderwereltDigital Design & Development
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I took part in the program to broaden my horizons and learn new things. I don't think I could have found a better place to do my internship at. Here, it didn't feel like a work environment, the atmosphere is playful and just fun - all while thinking about games with potential!
Thijs Snoeck
Thijs Snoeck3D Artist
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In the beginning, I thought that making a prototype in two weeks would never work but it is perfectly doable. I had a lot of fun making our game 'Scribbles of Madness' because the team and concept is great. Two games a month lets me be involved in the whole game dev process, which I really love!
Dylan Millian
Dylan MillianDeveloper
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The program felt like a non-stop game jam where you have to be creating constantly. What I enjoyed the most is applying the finishing touches to a prototype an the player-testing phase. I was pulled out of my comfort zone and I got better at everything I needed to get better at. Except for baking, I didn't have time for that.
Nils Dudal
Nils DudalMarketing & Communication
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I'm not a game developer but doing my internship here allowed to pick up a thing or two about the industry. Writing blogs, handling the social media and managing the Discord are just a few things I do here! The atmosphere is great, the people are hilarious and I get to work with games in a role I love to do. It's almost like a dream come true!

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