The Challenge

Making it big in the game tech industry, entertainment or applied, is a challenge. There are many hurdles to overcome as a young developer with limited experience:

Often the problem is in the mindset of the ambitious game developers: ‘This is my way too big dream project, I shall develop it right away and make a fortune’. Having never run through the full game production cycle – from ideation to release – starting such a project will most probably end up in a failure, or worse: a financial hangover for the developers.

I realised that game design experience isn't in the size of your games, or even in the scope of it - it's in the number of projects you've been through

It takes making a whole lot of little prototypes to get better at the second 'milestone' of development: identifying a game with potential

The Solution

Each year, DAE Studios offers students and alumni of all educational programs and/or backgrounds a unique 2 games a month incubator program. During this 24-week-program, participants are getting coached in the art of fast game prototyping all while getting to know the game industry during weekly inspiration and expert sessions.

Participants are divided in multidisciplinary teams of three/four members and are periodically switched between projects. The theme of these projects primarily focus on entertainment games, applied games secondarily. This intensive program will result in 8 vertical slices.

Following profiles can enroll for the 2 games a month incubator:

In week 19, the 3 best concepts of each team will be presented in front of a professional jury. The goal is to identify the concepts with the biggest potential and map out the next steps to bring these projects to life.

24 week timeline

2 games a month incubator DAE Studios


Ideation techniques

Learn new, useful brainstorm techniques every sprint. Find the right fit for translating your thoughts to concise concepts


Weekly Q&A sessions in which experienced game tech developers, business specialists,.. share their stories

Gamedev community

Work in Hangar K: the co-creation hub that houses 6 game development studios - right accross DAE The Level


Following the 2 games a month incubator will result in tangible experience with game production cycles


Each sprint you will learn more about several crucial topics: user testing, pricing models, pitching,..

No startup – no problem

This program focuses on making better and more experienced (indie) game developers. When DAE Studios identifies potential continuation or investing opportunities, we will aid the participants in any way possible. Participants are always free not to start their own studio after completing the program.


Michiel Houwen

Michiel Houwen


Nelson Mandelaplein 2, 8500 Kortrijk – Belgium