Cybernetic Walrus has big plans. Not only is there a new game coming, we also recently became the first and only Unity Authorized Training Partner in Belgium. Next to that and with success we are offering our services to enterprise and industry companies in Belgium and abroad. This means we want to recruit a sales person, as sales are done very organic at the moment. We also want to recruit some more developers and artists as we now have to turn down projects cause we don’t have the capacity. We of course want to finish the new game (more to be revealed soon) that is coming. But we also want to furnish our new class room were we give the official Unity workshops.

So, we have partnered up with Win Winner to offer Flemish people a chance to participate in a WinWin loan. This is a loan for 8 years offering a yearly interest rate of 4.5%. We are trying to raise €150.000 this way. Participation starts at €5,000 with a guarantee of 30% of the outstanding money should something happen to us.

As an investor this means we will keep you up to date with the progress and growth our company makes. We have a discord channel just for you so you know what we are up too before anyone else. We will also organize a yearly investors meetup were we talk numbers. The best part about the channel and the event is that we get to talk to you and ask for feedback and advice. In other words we want your involvement.

So, if you are Flemish and you are interested, please visit (in dutch)
If you are outside of Flanders and are still interested in investing, contact us at this email address: