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MoonMonster Studios was founded in 2019 by Gilles Vancoillie and Seppe Roelandt. Games can make people smile, cry and laugh their pants off. Their mission is to create awesome games we can be passionate about as an independent game developer. MoonMonster hopes that their games can have a positive lasting impact on people, whether through gameplay, story or humour.  Gilles & Seppe both love animated shows and movies and aim to recreate the epic, funny and intimate moments these shows have, in our their games.

Slappy Inc. is a young startup consisting of 3 motivated game developers. Having a couple years of experience working in the same company, we decided to shape our own path. We are ambitious and always go the extra mile for our games and projects. Our projects range from interactive projects, VR, AR and gamified web experiences.

Salty Lemon Entertainment is a game/app development studio from Belgium. With a background in game development and a passion for sports and technology, they focus on the development of the revolutionary fitness app for rowers called EXR.

Play It Safe’s co-founders Brecht and Mike put theory into practice after 10 years of teaching how to make games in the renowned Digital Arts and Entertainment course. They are jointly revolutionizing the world of corporate learning with PLAY IT. Simulations serve as an effective lever for corporate training at a high level and on an accessible platform.

Rhinox offers VR & AR solutions for your training, simulation and visualisation needs. Through their passion for game technology and other emerging technologies, they want to fulfil and innovate the current industry’s needs for training, simulation and visualization.

Rhinox wants to provide a cost-effective and efficient way of training people, simulating work environments and visualizing complex products using VR and AR technology.